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Our Focus

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We aim to transform our clients' employee benefit experience and are dedicated to serving our clients through four areas of focus: Accessibility, Suitability, Education, and Satisfaction.


   As your local partner we provide fast and effective service to the client.  Our internal and external sales representatives are here to help with all of your needs.  With over 70 years of experience in our office, we have carrier level partnerships to obtain important information from the carrier level that benefit our clients. With our main focus on employee benefits, we pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients with quick and effective feedback upon your request.



   With our vast experience in the insurance industry, we pride ourselves in finding the right benefits package to fit your needs. Each company’s needs are different. Our experience in the small, medium, and large group market gives us the unparalleled expertise needed to find the right level of benefit for you and your company.



   The health insurance industry is an ever changing and complex world. We educate our clients to help them understand what is available, and how to maximize their benefits package for recruitment and retention of quality employees. We do this through written education policy statements, Human Resources training sessions, Technology education modules, and Employee Lunch and learn sessions. We want to educate our clients to help make benefits easy!



   We build long term client relationships with the goal of becoming an extension of your team. We will build these relationships through renewal analysis, plan design consultation, face to face interaction, and educational training sessions. We all want to succeed and grow our respective businesses. Here at Freimark & Associates we pride ourselves in developing strong, lasting relationships with our clients!

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